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Craft Express

Craft Express 2 Pack Flip Sequin Silver Sublimation Adhesive Heart

Craft Express 2 Pack Flip Sequin Silver Sublimation Adhesive Heart

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Introducing Craft Express sequin patches - the perfect way to add some sparkle and personality to your wardrobe, accessories, home decor, and more! These patches come in a pack of 2 and are easy to use. Simply sublimate on the white sequin side, ensuring all sequins are flipped before pressing.

Flip the sequins to the other side immediately after heat pressing. These patches are machine wash safe, so you can flip them as much as you want. Perfect for gifting, these patches are great for birthdays, holidays, school, the office, and any other occasion. Note: Not intended for children.

How to use the Craft Express Adhesive Sequin Patches:

Step 1: Peel off the white film on the back of the patch.
Step 2: Place your patch on the item you want to adhere it to.
Step 3: Make sure all of your sequins are flipped white side down. Tape your image face down on your sequin patch using heat transfer tape.
Step 4: Press your design (see below)
Step 6: Remove your transfer paper.

Sublimation Settings:

  • FLAT PRESS: 45 sec / 385F / Medium Pressure

NOTE: Flip sequins while they are still warm to keep them from getting stiff
Patch will not be fully adhered to your blank item until both have cooled down

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