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Craft Express

Craft Express Elite Pro Pink Tumbler Heat Press

Craft Express Elite Pro Pink Tumbler Heat Press

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The Elite Pro Tumbler Heat Press is the perfect tool for customizing your drinkware. With a large image transfer area of 24cm/9.5 inches and the ability to print on drinkware blanks with a diameter of up to 8.8cm, including 11oz mugs, 15oz mugs, and most metal water bottles, you'll be able to create professional-looking designs with ease.

The compact, all-in-one design of the Elite Pro makes it easy to store and use. The control panel and tumbler heater are combined in one unit, with all parts and wires located under the front cover. No control box is required, saving you valuable space in your workroom.

The Elite Pro is also versatile, with the ability to work with 9 additional heaters (sold separately), including 20oz tumbler heater, 17oz tumbler heater, 17oz tapered mug heater, 12oz tapered mug heater, 12oz stemless cup heater, 1.5oz shot glass heater, 11oz mug heater, 10oz mug heater, and 3oz mug heater. With one machine, you'll have the power to customize a variety of different drinkware.

This heat press is ideal for use with 20oz and 30oz straight skinny tumblers with diameters of 7.8-8.8cm, as well as 11-15oz straight mugs and metal water bottles with diameters of 7.2-8.8cm. To extend the life of the tumbler heater, it is recommended to use it for tumblers only.

Included in the package is the Craft Express Elite Pro Tumbler Heat Press Machine, a power cable, and a user manual. Start creating custom designs for your drinkware today with the Elite Pro Tumbler Heat Press.


• Craft Express Elite Pro Tumbler Heat Press Machine

• Power Cable

• User Manual

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